Human beings were not meant to stay put in a single mental place. Personality is not anchored. Free yourself from limits and boundaries. Who you are right now is but one of countless possible versions. There are no limits to who you can be. Explore the possibilities.

Redefine your purpose. Redefine your life.

Invent yourself.

“Invent yourself and then reinvent yourself,

change your tone and shape so often that they can never categorize you”

-Charles Bukowski

Hello, I’m Cédric!

I’m Cédric, a 22 years old English literature student at the University of Luxembourg. I created this blog in 2016 with the intention of writing down ideas, perspectives, problems, hopes and dreams that else would crowd my mind, in accordance with the saying by David Allen: “The mind is for having ideas not holding them”.

Hopefully, some of the posts I write resonate with you and make you see my point of view on a whole bunch of unrelated topics that happen to cross my mind. Since I’m not always in the mood for blogging, I’ve started a Poetry Slam Project with a friend called Slam It Out. If you’re interested, you’ll find us on Facebook and Instagram. I think it’s worth a look.

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Have fun reading!


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