Who are you?

The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself – Thales

We grow everyday but forget that we are growing together, we influence each other more than we know. While we might not even know it, we could change someone’s life. You might have forgotten what you told someone months ago (compliment or insult), but that person could still be thinking about it. In the same way, we are affected by everyone we know and everything we experience. We grow up together and contribute to the personality of others.

We are part of something big, bigger than we could ever imagine. All of our actions, everything we say, everything that crosses our mind, changes the world around us. We are responsible for each other. In a city where everybody knows everybody, it’s important to be aware that we have a great impact on other people. Let me give you an example: A few weeks ago I saw a friend of mine had published his own track. This made me think about who I want to be. Seeing someone else follow his goals, what he loves, was inspiring and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have started this blog without him.

In the same way every action and every experience we’ve ever made has made us who we are today. If we grew up in another country, we’d be someone else. If we had chosen other friends in primary school, we’d be someone else. If we had not drunk that Trojka shot on the first Friday of secondary school, we’d be someone else.

This is why we will never stay the same person and change until the day of our death. As long as we live and perceive things, we change, making it impossible to answer the sleep-disturbing, all-subordinating, pathetic question:  Who am I? The question should rather be: Who do I want to be? This way we would be much more aware of our actions and realize that all of our actions have to follow our goals and approach us to the person we want to be.

Do not underestimate the impact you have on others and know that you can change someone’s life, without even knowing it. We are part of something big, we can change it to the better at any moment and should seize that chance.

Invent yourself,CK

You must be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi




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Welcome to my blog. Currently trying to figure out how to be a grown-up, I want to share my thoughts with you. I think about our messy, self-absorbent and at times impersonal society, well aware that I'm a part of it myself. Some posts might sound a bit too dark, or too cheesy but I'm still trying to find my way of writing, so I'd be glad to get some constructive criticism. Have fun reading

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