Always be ready to be caught off guard. Time is bigger than all of us, we’re playing its game, not the other way round. We’re toy figures. We’re part of a cruel game, unable to see through the rules- we are victims. There’s no escape, no save spots, no breaks.

Time passes, people come and people go and while you think you’re in perfect control of your own life, you are no more than another character in the game we call life. See, how often have you been told to move on ? You are not to decide when things change. You have to adapt to whatever time has up its sleeve for you.

There are days when you feel like you’re in control of whatever happens around you, but believe me, its impossible to win a game against its creator. You have the choice to try to challenge time, but you’ll always be the one showing his cards to his enemy. Most often, you try to have more control in your life, but you’ll always only have as much as time wants you to.

Yet, it’s better to play by the rule of someone else than not play at all. Accepting the fact that we can’t make time go faster or slow it down is the best we can do, we always have the choice to decide between giving up right from the start and trying our best to live our life to the fullest, while we can. One day we’ll only be a memory and a later day we’ll only be a shadow of a thought, until one day, it will be as though we never lived.

This is why we have to seize the day, be an active part of our life, push ourselves to where we want to be and stop only when we’ve reached our goal or time calls the end of our life. We are not to decide how long we will live, but we’re free to make the most of it as long as we possibly can.

Possibly, time does not even want to be our enemy, it might only take the responsibility of pushing us into other directions, we might feel betrayed but at the end of the day, it’ll make sense only when you will be looking back and understand why some thing had to happen while others didn’t.

Time is bigger than all of us. It’s David against Goliath.

Invent yourself,CK



Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils. -Hector Louis Berlioz

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