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Celebrate your Wins

I’m certainly not an advocate of ignoring the future; so much of what we do today will influence the lives we live tomorrow, we do shape our future lives with everything we do in the present and this should certainly not be neglected. You can’t ignore the future and it will catch up with you sooner or later. But!! the importance of tomorrow does not invalidate the relevance of yesterday.

Twists and Turns

This post won’t further increase any panic you might be experiencing, promise. No doubt, 2020 so far has not exactly been what we had hoped for. This virus is another setback. It’s weird how life can change in such a short period of time, how suddenly you no longer feel in control. Many people are suffering and many are fighting- it’s easy to lose … Read More Twists and Turns

audentes fortuna iuvat

What I’ve been trying to teach myself is that mistakes, wrong decisions and failures do not blur our vision of the path we’re walking. Every situation in which we accept the possibility of defeat, of failure, of hurting ourselves, is like a lens that improves our sight of the track that’s under our feet.

Plea for humanity

‘I’m not a racist, but..’  

 Yes, you are. Any sentence following this phrase will erase any doubt about you being racist. You are. Starting your sentence this way does not allow you to make any xenophobic comment. It’s like insulting someone and then saying ‘no offense’. Discrimination of any kind is inexcusable behavior. How dare you judge over anyone but yourself, judging over other people is a merit not a single person in this world has earned or will ever earn. 

2019 We Shine Bright

Lesson Nr. 1
You’ll trip and fall and it’ll hurt like shit. And it’ll feel like you’ve fallen into the deepest of holes. It’ll feel like you’re dying. Except you’re not.


Make the mistakes work for you, let them teach you to become a better you.

When it Rains it Pours

Update: the most important thing I’ve learned from living on my own is that I do not want to live alone again. Ever. I do not intend this to become a blog about myself, as in me writing about the random stuff that happens in my life that no one cares about anyway, I just want you to know why I’m writing what I’m … Read More When it Rains it Pours



I remember how when we started going to high school, it was all about becoming famous and being liked by everyone. Back when Instagram had only but launched and Facebook was still leading the social media empire. It was all about having more likes on your profile pictures than anyone else. It was so stupid because once you had reached some kind of fame … Read More Recall


the enemy

Inner conflict can be devastating, it will keep you from progressing and you’ll always worry about other people thinking you’re not good enough, since you don’t accept that you’re flawed, that you’re human


When did we grow up?

Having started my last year of High School today, I have realized how far I’ve come without being aware. Where did the time go? When did we replace faking to be older than we are to actually being old enough to enter nightclubs? Often enough we worry about being stuck, about our life not moving forward fast enough or not at all. Whenever something … Read More When did we grow up?


No rainbow without rain

Some days it feels as though life wanted to bring us off track, get us down and make us feel bad. Those are the days when nothing seems to work, when we feel bad for no apparent reason and start to believe that we’re not living the life we want. Those are also the days when we overthink decisions we took in our past … Read More No rainbow without rain



Summer’s finally coming. Since this is basically the best time of the year, I hope you do everything to enjoy every moment of it. Summer is no time to worry, it’s all about realizing the plans you’ve had for months, about making memories that count. Time’s too precious and too transient to waste it. Spend time with the people you love and let go … Read More Summer

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