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Celebrate your Wins

I’m certainly not an advocate of ignoring the future; so much of what we do today will influence the lives we live tomorrow, we do shape our future lives with everything we do in the present and this should certainly not be neglected. You can’t ignore the future and it will catch up with you sooner or later. But!! the importance of tomorrow does not invalidate the relevance of yesterday.


Throwing It Back

What about the Australian bushfire season earlier this year, which destroyed an area of 186.000 square kilometers, burning roughly 1/5 of the continent’s forested area and killing an estimate of a billion animals? You don’t think that we might have contributed to its severity? Issues like these won’t be controlled by staying home, and they’ll not restrict themselves to the ‘vulnerable groups’.


Make the mistakes work for you, let them teach you to become a better you.


No rainbow without rain

Some days it feels as though life wanted to bring us off track, get us down and make us feel bad. Those are the days when nothing seems to work, when we feel bad for no apparent reason and start to believe that we’re not living the life we want. Those are also the days when we overthink decisions we took in our past … Read More No rainbow without rain



We are still young, we’ve still got the chance to turn our life into the life we want. We have to chase it with all we’ve got or we’ll end up unhappy. Now’s the moment to get what we want.


The thing about society

We are so afraid of being different to the mass that we condemn everybody who differs to us. We don’t support individuality.


To be or not to be

William Shakespeare, The Tragicall Historie of Hamlet We are all trying to invent ourselves, to find out who we really are and be happy with who we are. Being an adolescent is a full-time job; as soon as you think that you’ve finally found out who you are, your brain feels bored and makes you reconsider your lifestyle. You can never be sure about whether … Read More To be or not to be

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